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Pole Instructor Spotlight – Betty L


How long have you been Pole Dancing for? 

B: I got a taste of it in 2010 and started with classes in 2012! I think my poleversary (It’s a thing.) is in March.

What got you started in pole fitness?
B: A good college friend worked at my New Brunswick studio! At the time I was working in an office and was looking for a fun way to get into shape. I was too shy to join the studio at first. It took a few months to get me in!

What kept you interested in the sport?
B: Definitely the pole community! I have met some of my closest friends at my studios.

Why did you decide to become a pole fitness instructor?
B: My New Brunswick studio needed staff, so I was offered the job. I was so nervous! It only took one class for me to realize that teaching and coaching was something I was passionate about. I completely changed careers after that!

What is one of the most challenging things you find about being an instructor?
B: I love every minute I spend at the studio, and find myself spending my home time planning cool lessons and choreographing routines. I guess my biggest challenge is making myself step away from instructing to focus on my amazing life outside the studio!

What do you find rewarding about pole dancing?
B: I love hitting strength goals! I never knew what I was capable of doing before I started pole. It changed me both physically and mentally! A good strength trick can make me as happy as a full pizza.


Betty L

Tell us more about your competitive spirit. What made you decide to start competing? What do you enjoy about it? Is there anything you dislike about it?
B: I am addicted to competing. I’ve had years that I question myself- but then with every new song I listen to, I find myself closing my eyes and beginning the choreography for my next piece. My first competition was in the doubles category- I had only been doing pole for a few months. I was asked to fill in last minute for a partner who had backed out! That was in 2012. I have since competed in several regional and national competitions, in the semi-pro and professional divisions. I love the crazy months of preparation, the bruises, and the rush of being onstage knowing that I finally made it.

As for what I dislike- the 10 seconds before your music starts onstage are the WORST. I am lucky to have a fiancé who supports me through every step and pushes me to always be better!

If someone is interested in competing, do you have any tips you could provide them with?
B: I have a million! Most importantly though- put in the work. Listen to your song a million times, get a coach, cross-train, eat well, stretch a lot… do something every day for your piece. The people who win competitions are the people who are 200% committed for the full duration of their training season. Even if they don’t walk off stage with a medal, they walk off with pride.

Betty Leblanc – Aradia Fitness Edmonton/Sherwood Park/St. Albert Pole and Aerial Hoop Instructor

Thoughts During Your First Ever Pole Class!

So you’ve probably just walked into the studio. You see the layout. The poles all lined up, huge mirrors to see everything you will be doing, and you’re just trying to grasp the fact that you actually made it here, regardless if that was by a friends coaxing or by your own free will. No denying now, you are DOING THIS!
home alone

So you’ve watched the other students pour in for the same class, all looking just like deer in headlights (much like yourself). Your instructor has introduced themselves, and now your heading into the studio playing follow the leader with whatever the instructor is doing. You watch this person doing beautiful movements with their hips, legs and arms, and you feel like a toddler trying to learn hula-hoop for the first time. The thoughts running through your head consist of “I am not sexy at all. How does the instructor move like that?! Is it wrong to stare at them? Wait, how do I do this? Oh god no, my body does not move like this.” Your mind is taking over your body here, and you in way over your own head!

Now you’re all warmed up! Instructor now says, “ Okay pick your metallic dance partner!” And all you can think is “omgomgomgomg… Now it’s real. This is the moment we came here for. Sh!t…” You pick your pole, grasping your hand around the cool metal, checking it out up and down, questioning if you’re ready for this. But damn it all your doing it anyways!


Whether we like it or not, pole is a dance! So now you must dance! Instructor says you will be doing some basic dance moves with your pole. Probably some of the toddler hula-hoop as you called it. Again, this instructor makes it look effortless. You oblige and get to check yourself out in the mirror as you’re doing so. You can’t help but giggle at the ridiculousness you feel, but at the same time you notice your nervousness has started to melt away too… All the classmates are laughing and giggling and instructor is cracking jokes to help break the ice!pole dance meme

Okay okay, you’ve learned how to walk around the pole. Adding in some fun sultry movements and wandering hands (yes touching yourself with your own hands!) You are a pro at walking – got this sh!t down. Now this instructor busts out this Olympic looking spin and you laugh inside. No way is this happening! BUT, your instructor said it’s actually easier than it looks! Sure…. as if you’re going to trust this person you just met 25 minutes ago… I mean… they are obviously still alive and now teaching the classes, so really, you have to at least attempt to trust the expertise they must posses. Alright, they walk you through the placement of your limbs on the pole, and now on the count of the three, you’re going to go for it. You say a little prayer and at three, you push off and there you go!!

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. YOU DID IT!!!! Whaaaaaaat. Mind blown!!! You are feeling kind of petrified, but damn that was fun! Instructor says get up and do it again. And you’re like, uh HELL YEAH. You bust back up to your feet and bang out another one of these spins! You are LOOOOVING THIS. pole dancing is my fave

Dance, done. Walking, done. Spin, mastered. BRING ON THE NEXT THING!! You are feeling PUMPED! It’s been 45 minutes and you are feeling way more confident than you did when you first walked in here and measured up the studio! Instructor leads you through the next move – the strength move! Okay, so you were so sure you were out of shape and weak, and now you are really questioning if this will make or break you. But you’re feeling pretty good so far, so you’re ready to tackle the strength aspect head on! You take a deep breath and give it your all. You insides are all smiling at how strong you actually are! You are kind of shocked, but overall impressed with yourself! YOU ARE ON A ROLL!

Class is almost over! Instructor reviews everything you learned in class so far, and you’re amazed all over again. You feel more confident in the movements that you first did when you walked in, stronger with your spin, and in awe with your strength! Now the instructor says, “we need to do this as a class, put it all together in a routine!” They let the class pick their song of choice, and recommends to pick a song that makes you feel strong, sexy, and confident. And you’re like, oh my god I have the perfect song.. BUT you would never admit it, not yet! So the instructor picks a song, and bam it’s time to strut your stuff!

OW OW! Someone call the fire department, this place is on FIRE! You move to the music confidently but following your instructor for guidance. You can’t help but keep a smile across your face, and you hold your chin a little higher as you bust out all your new moves! The song finishes, you’re exhausted but ecstatic!


 Clpole dancing meme 2ass is over! You’re so impressed with yourself, and you know that you need to come back! You are feeling so much more confident in yourself. Silly, but more open! Proud and also a little embarrassed, but in a good way! You have come out of your shell, and did something out of your comfort zone! You question why you haven’t done this before, like really? You know that you want to fee l like this more often, and you cannot wait to come back next week! This is your jam now. You can’t imagine why anyone would not want to come back and feel this amazing?! You cant help but leave the studio with the biggest grin on your face, and cant wait to tell your friends all about your awesome experience!

-Blog Written by Instructor/Admin Assistant – Asher Moorji

Aradia Fitness Goes to 2016 YEG PRIDE PARADE!

We had such a fantastic time at the 2016 YEG Pride Parade this weekend!

This is our second year in a row having a float in the annual Edmonton Pride Parade.
Aradia Fitness strives to be a fully inclusive studio for all genders, sizes, abilities, and ages.

We also feel so lucky to be able to take part in a parade that is so full of love and acceptance. That is truly what we’re all about at Aradia Fitness!



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