Circus Lab Workshop

Using aerial arts technique as a form of fitness regimen to improve your functional strength. This 1-hour workout is an intense circuit style workout that includes traditional ground warm-ups and conditioning. The class then moves on to exercises using poles, aerial hoops and aerial hammocks focusing on core balance and strength. It is in this class that you will learn the strength for inversions, holds, hangs and lifts for aerial arts giving you that extra strength push to succeed in your aerial classes.  There will be no tricks or flows just strictly a badass work out to get your strength where you dream it to be. Please where leggings. Prerequisites of at least one round of Intermediate pole and level 1 hoop, must have learned an inversion break down on both a pole and hoop in a regular Aradia class but your inversion does not need to be solid, just a basic understanding of the movement.


WHEN: April 1st @ 1pm