Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park

Where Did It All Get Started?

Welcome to Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park! We have been happily open and operational in Sherwood Park since September 2011!

With small class sizes, and high ceilings, we hope to offer you the best Pole Fitness class experience possible.

The Story of Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park

Chantelle Beasley began taking classes with Aradia Fitness Edmonton as soon as she turned 18.
While taking attending college as an LPN nursing student, her and one of her nursing friends would attend classes closest to their downtown campus. This was a great way for Chantelle to pass the time, as her then-fiance was deployed to serve in Afghanistan for 7 long months.

After she completed Level 1, she was instantly hooked on what pole fitness had to offer! She can still clearly remember how awkward she felt in her first class – not wanting to make eye contact with anybody, and not feeling very coordinated or “sexy” upon learning the new pole moves. Regardless, it was a workout that she found to be fun and challenging, and something she felt she could actually stick with – unlike going to the gym.

Chantelle continued to work her way up the Aradia Fitness levels, attending classes weekly. One day her father, a business owner in Sherwood Park with some unused office space, mentioned “we need to do something with that office space on the second floor. What would be a good business that we could offer in Sherwood Park?” In a ‘I don’t think he would ever agree’ fashion, Chantelle mentioned “how about a pole dancing studio?” Shockingly enough, her father said “sure, we can arrange a meeting to inquire about an Aradia Fitness Franchise.” And the rest is history –  the franchise details were all sorted out, and Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park opened on September 5th, 2011.

Starting with Chantelle, and two instructors, many friends came to support her business and see what it was all about. Many of those friends also fell in love with Pole Fitness – and you might even know a bunch of them to be instructors today!

A few years later in 2014, Chantelle took over the very studios that she used to attend as a student – Aradia Fitness Edmonton.  She then went on to open St. Albert in 2016 and Leduc in 2019!  It has been quite the roller coaster opportunity, starting and operating a business at the young age of 19. Chantelle is very thankful for her friends and family who have helped Aradia Fitness Sherwood Park to grow where it is today. Her instructors have gone far and beyond their duties’ of teaching classes, to assist with new class ideas and implementation, and providing excellent customer service. Chantelle truly believes, and hopes to create Aradia fitness as a community of pole friendships and family. She values her students and customers, and finds no greater reward than seeing the look of empowerment and excitement when they begin to learn and master a new move or trick – recalling the same passion Chantelle found many years ago.